Hush Hush.

We do not have time

In our fast moving lives

To follow our true desires

And love’s magnificent fire.

In this mechanical life

It is lust that takes over,

Standing smugly on love’s pyre

As we see our affections

Despondently retire.


Hush Hush.

Let me kiss you!

As our lips sync and tongues meet,

Doing their own little dance

Of gaiety and fulfilment

In their own moment of grace

And perfect symphony;

We submit to each other

Wholly and faithfully.


Hush Hush.

Let me bite that lip of yours,

As full as the ocean,

Providing joy in its own way

And satisfying the carnal desire.

Let me take in

That one erotic drop of blood

That escaped the sinews

Of your lip and

Let it seep into my hungry soul!


Hush Hush.

Do not make noise.

Let us embrace our natural forms

As Adam and Eve did

In their world of love and joy

Where there was no shame,

No consciousness,

Blissful ignorance.

Where Man and Woman

Knowingly gave breath

To their natural skins, natural bodies

Natural beauty –

The primitive sense of existence.


Hush Hush.

Let me touch you,

And feel your beauteous form

Against me,

As we unite in this holy fire

Of our lust’s being and desire.

Our bodies –

As they accustom to each other

And accommodate,

We pant and moan

And realise

That this is it –

The ultimate of worldly pleasures!


Hush Hush.

It is morning now.

And as the sun

Acquaints us

With its early beams,

So does sensibility!

And our brains

Tame our hearts

As we rush off

To our lives of monotony,

Forgetting the night

Of passion and ecstasy;

Seeing each other as strangers.

You go your way, I’ll go mine!



Shefali Banerji

Image Source: Internet




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