Pushing trepidation out of my mind,

I stand on the precipice of ambitions;

I gaze at the firmament

Like a bird before its first flight –



For the precise moment.

Que Sera Sera!


My heart plays a tune of its own

As my passions dance to its rhythm.

One, two, three –

I take a deep breath!

Sanguinity is knocking on the door;

Endearing voices in the ear


Que Sera Sera!


Let me be an eagle –

The monarch of the skies.

I spread my wings

And lunge into the heavenly enormity,

Into the wilderness of fancies

And feral dreams.

I am a pilot of my own purpose

Surrendering to the impulses

Letting all else be –

Que Sera Sera!


I am now amidst the clouds,

Exhilaration pulsing through my veins;

I look down to see the world applaud,

Triumph and joy superseding all else.

Carpe diem – my mind screams!

Here Que Sera Sera is the dominant scheme –

In this circus of emotions.



Shefali Banerji


Image Source: Internet



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